Belfry UMC

Belfry UMC

Sunday School: 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 AM
Tuesday "Sonshine" Prayer Warriors: 9:30 AM
Wednesday Youth Meeting: 6:30 PM
Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM

109 Main St , Belfry , KY 41514
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The United Methodist Church


Our rafters have been around for awhile and they have some stories to tell.

The Belfry United Methodist Church was established in late 1919 and early 1920 by the late Grover F.
Thomas and wife, Bess Whitt Thomas. The initial services were held in a theater building and an old
store building across the tracks from the present building. Later years the services were held in the Belfry
Grade School. This continued until 1956.

The early records of the church were destroyed by fire. Since the Belfry Church came under the Stone
charge, it was served by the same pastor. Belfry's membership was placed on the Stone records until Rev.
Eugene K. Meyers reestablished the Belfry Methodist Church in September of 1951. There was a total of
43 members transferred from the Stone Methodist to the Belfry Church. In 1952, Hawthorne Burgraf£ a
member of the Stone Methodist Church accepted the position as a supply pastor. In 1953, construction
on the new church building began.

The Belfry Methodist Church became a separate charge from the Stone Church in 1956. Special services
marking the opening of the church were held September 30, 1956 at 3:00 PM. The District
Superintendent, Homer L. Moore, delivered the principle message.

Through the workings of the Methodist Women organization, the men, and the youth, the church was
furnished. The altar rails, pastors' chairs, collection plates, and the first set of liturgical colors were
donated by the First United Methodist of Williamson. Pews, piano, flags, organ, portrait of Christ,
communion table, candle lighter and many other gifts were made by members and friends. These gifts
are recorded in a register for donations. This register was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carden in
memory of their son, Eddie R. Carden.

The last payment was made on the building in December 1965, which was another great milestone for
the church. On September 25, 1966, a dedication service was held marking the 10th anniversary of the
church. The following pastors took part in the service: Rev. Hawthorne Burgraff, Charles R. Elswick, and
W.L. Trout. Dr. Steadman Bagby, District Superintendent of the Ashland District, was also present. At
that time, Dr. Bagby said the history of the church would be recorded in the archives.

Through the past years, the church has been served by the following pastors: Rev. E.K. Meyers,
Hawthorn Burgraff, Charles Elswick, Julian Slimpson, Charles Ratliff, Clifford Isobell, W.L. Trout,
Harles Ray, and Michael Stanley. Each in his own way contributed to the growth of the church. Through
their efforts over the years, the Belfry United Methodist Church is a vital part of the Belfry Community.





















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